You can either save this receipt in a paper file or upload it to your accounting software with your mobile app by taking a photo. Keeping the books at a restaurant is difficult, and you can only succeed if you know how to accomplish the various processes. It is possible to determine all the business details with the help of accounting report tools if income, expenses, and stocks are carefully controlled. An owner can make decisive changes to the restaurant to grow the business and increase profits once he understands the basics.


She is also experienced in setting up corporations with the State Corporation Commission and the IRS. Quickbooks is one popular and comprehensive accounting software that can help you manage your Accounts Payable. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows you to track invoices, pay bills on time, set up payment reminders and export data into other programs. Plus, the very best POS systems are now integrated with Quickbooks, allowing you to easily track your financials. Finally, bookkeeping tools help you keep track of your labor costs, the second part of your prime cost.

Chart of Accounts

Account reconciliation proves that you’ve accounted for all transactions – and that the amount of cash in your checking account is actually correct. Note that modern accounting software can automate account reconciliation. Your balance sheet also shows your equity, so your net worth; it’s what’s left over at the end of the day when assets are subtracted from liabilities. A negative number means you owe more money than you actually have. This could mean reducing operating costs or finding ways to generate more income to cover debts. You and your accountant will work on certain bookkeeping and accounting tasks together.

One of the most important elements of your restaurant’s financial health is managing your restaurant bookkeeping effectively. For restaurant owners, you must keep accurate and up-to-date books so you know your financials inside and out. One of the most fundamental pieces of bookkeeping is tracking your daily sales and entering them into your accounting system. Daily sales can be broken down several ways, but probably the most important breakdown is cash and credit sales.

Prime Cost Calculation in QuickBooks

The restaurant industry is a high-stakes business, and financial management is key to its success. Accurate financial records are essential for tax filing and compliance with local laws. Ensure you document all transactions to easily access financial information when needed. Many programs have built-in compliance features so you don’t have to worry about missing any important rules or deadlines. Plus, if you need additional help understanding the laws and regulations, software companies like ADP offer comprehensive support services for employers.

credit card

You’ll also want to know enough about accounting to monitor financial KPIs that will help you make business decisions on the fly. Calculating prime costs will help you boost profit, increase efficiency, and cut costs. Prime cost is determined by adding labor costs to the cost of goods sold.

What financial transactions should you track in restaurant accounting?

An integrated restaurant software pulls labor and sales data from your POS, allowing you to access real-time labor metrics and identify historical trends. With reports in hand and future sales projections, you can optimize labor by leveraging forecasting or smart schedule tools. Calculating your cost of labor can also help you see where you may need to make changes, such as implementingrestaurant scheduling software or investing in more staff training. Restaurant bookkeeping involves financial and accounting practices that track your detailed costs and revenue.

Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Utilities, cooking and cooling equipment, insurance and signage are common expenses, but you’ll also need to consider maintenance costs. Unless you’re lucky enough to own space and your own equipment outright, you’ll need to pay for your infrastructure. Beverages are another expense, but the good news is that liquor is a great way to boost your profit margin. Chances are you’ve noticed this already if you’ve ordered a bottle of wine. The same bottle that costs $15 in your local liquor store could cost $30 or $45 when you’re out.


You can upload your invoices to these services and they will code them by item to your various COGS and expense accounts. Additionally, they allow you to approve invoices that you want to be paid. These services allow you to automate your accounts payable and get a more accurate COGS figure. With this method, you are mimicking how the cash and credit card deposits hit the restaurant’s bank. The difference between the two accounting methods for restaurants is all about timing. Under the cash method, the restaurant records income and expenses when cash is exchanged.

What is restaurant accounting?

With the many moving pieces involved in a single step vs multi step income statement, a seamless accounting process can be difficult. Add the unique features of the restaurant industry, from short-lived inventory to payroll including wages and tips, and bookkeeping becomes a fast-changing, time-consuming challenge. However, being able to easily access sales, inventory, and labor data allows you to quickly make informed decisions. To keep up with bookkeeping, many restaurant owners are turning torestaurant accounting softwaredesigned to organize and automate common bookkeeping tasks. Your restaurant makes a lot of different financial transactions, which are listed on your bank statements, credit cards, and POS.

  • But if you’re striking out on your own, you’ll be responsible for buying ingredients, possibly every day.
  • While bank reconciliation can be time consuming, it is essential to have a full picture of your operations.
  • Four-week periods, on the other hand, are always 28 days with four Fridays and four Saturdays.
  • Both XtraChef and MarginEdge allow you deeper COGS and financial insights and controls directly in your POS system.

Some of the details you’ll need to iron out include choosing a pay period, determining how payments will be made , properly classifying employees, and withholding taxes. Proper bookkeeping in your restaurant can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. Follow these seven restaurant bookkeeping tips and best practices to make sure you’re keeping your finances in order. Jason is a very knowledgeable, detail-oriented and very professional accountant who is a tremendous asset to any organization that engages his services.

We Are Your Absolute Accounting Solution

It also can be used on the go and easily integrates with over 800 apps. We chose QuickBooks Online as our runner-up because, while it isn’t designed specifically for restaurants, it offers an impressive lineup of features, including add-on payroll services. It’s also extremely easy to use for owners with no accounting or bookkeeping experience. The Essential Plan costs $399 per location per month and includes accounting, scheduling, and inventory tracking features.

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This figure will tell you how much it costs to run your business. To calculate overhead rates, the total fixed costs are divided by total operating hours. Calculating food costs will indicate whether you are making a profit from each item on the menu. To calculate food costs, the preparation cost of each item is divided by the revenue from each item. If you didn’t track sales, then you wouldn’t have a clue as to how your restaurant is performing financially. In addition, keeping track of revenue will give you a better picture of what source is the most profitable and bringing in the most money.

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If you’ve already hired SLC Bookkeeping for our basic bookkeeping services, then you need us for our strategic planning expertise. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses design financial plans that led to growth through acquisition, funding and more. When you want to take the next step but you’re not sure which way to go, our coaches and consultants can help. If you’re not sure which type of loan is the best fit, you may want to consult your accountant.

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If you live in one of the states that offer on-time sales tax discounts, DAVO will pass that on to you. Full BioWith practical experience running his own IT business and an education in the liberal arts, Matthew Klammer had become well-accustomed to the difficulties of research. From providing POS systems to small tourist shops to data security and account management Matthew has provided business solutions to many individuals.


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